Demystifying cloud: it’s procurement and agile

Follow the money, follow the mindset

You don’t need to be a writer to appreciate good writing, but most people don’t read Latin. Words work when they communicate.

Why demystify?

Technology is no longer a thing organisations do, it’s how organisations do everything

Cloud isn’t mysterious. If we can all understand it and see why it’s important, that helps us all work better together and that’s good for everyone.

If you’ve a bit of history with technology, you’ll know datecentre came before cloud. On the one hand these are about where technology lives, but more interesting is what they say about how technology procurement and management are changing. When your mindset shifts, the dynamics change too.

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The only thing you can reliably predict about the future is change

Buying tech was like buying a house. Will you pay for an extra bedroom today or will you choose to move house if you have children? Big costs, big decisions, long-term commitments. The risks run both ways: too small and you’ll have to upgrade early, too big and you ain’t gonna need it. Either way you miss out on value.


Cloud means utility computing, which means utility billing, which means “good” works differently

Like metered electricity, you only pay when you’re using it. You’ll use different amounts at different times to meet your changing needs. Success is determined by how closely you can get usage to match your needs and value is maximised by being able to adjust usage as you go.

Transforming from capex to opex

An opex model reverses incentives from maximising use to minimising use

In a capex world good means forecasting, planning, implementing and over-provisioning. In an opex world, good means measuring, responding, adjusting and right-sizing.

An agile mindset

I’m a fan of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why. When your why (your mindset) changes, your how and your what (the things you do and how you do them) naturally flow from that.

Cloud is technology’s expression of agile.

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